Only I would travel to Paris and come home with a dog. I have always wanted a teacup Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier). I was shopping with a close friend on the Left Bank. We were in a residential district when a beautiful woman walked by us carrying a Yorkie.

Lisa speaks fluent French. She asked her for the name of the breeder. As luck would have it, she wrote it down. The next day I had someone call the breeder. He barely spoke a word of English. My husband and I drove an hour and a half outside of Paris to meet with the breeder. I loved his dogs instantly.

There were trophies all over the room. We felt very honored to get "Sabine." I named her after the poker room manager at the Aviation Club in Paris. Whenever I play, I have a Jay Strongwater mini Sabine that sits on my chips and looks at me.

Sabine is my good luck charm.